Drametse Tshechu

The three day annual Drametse festival locally known as Kangso Chhenmo is held in the 10th Bhutanese month coinciding with auspicious days.

On the eve of the Kangso Chhenmo, a grand fire ritual ceremony is performed in the courtyard of the Monastery. The fire ceremony is accompanied by sacred Vajra dances of Zhanag, Rujen and Ging; these mystifying fire dances are performed only in Drametse Monastery.

On the first day of Kangso Chhenmo, Pema Lingpa Thongdrol, the first of its kind in the world is displayed to the devotees at 5 a.m. followed by 10 types of sacred dances including the famous drum dance of Drametse (Drametse Ngacham). On the second day the thanks giving ceremonies to the tutelary deities known as Tenzug Korcham is performed followed by seven sacred dances. On the concluding day (third day) five different mask dances are performed.

The Drametse Ngacham (drum dance of Drametse) is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible World Heritage for Humanity. For the audience, the dance is a source of spiritual empowerment and is attended by people from various gewogs, districts and tourists.