The Peling Tradition

Buddhist teachings were hidden by Guru Padmasambhava and Dakani Yeshey Tshogyal during their times with the blessings for spread of Buddha dharma in the times to come for the benefit of sentient beings. Pema Lingpa revealed the hidden treasures including receiving of numerous empowerments and teachings from Guru Rinmpoche through vision and omniscient interactions in the 15th century. The teachings founded by Pema Lingpa based on treasures revealed and empowerment received from Guru Rinmpoche is commonly known as Peling. It falls under Nyingma sect, the old Buddhist School.

Peling teaching is acknowledged as nye jued terma – meaning direct or short lineage of transmission of Buddha’s teachings. Peling teachings (revealed from treasures hidden by Guru Rinmpoche and Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal) are transmitted directly from Guru Rinmpoche to Pema Lingpa and then to his followers; with no loss of essence and blessings. Therefore, the Peling teachings are regarded as very sacred and extremely powerful for the followers to attain rapid enlightenment. Furthermore, we are blessed with unbroken and uninterrupted reincarnations of Pema Lingpa himself and his emanation lineages.